Reiki For Cats

Reiki Is A Healing Experience

Reiki enables me to offer my palliative (calming) hands to treat my patients and their guardians. The word Rei-the universal mind, higher intelligence, and ki-life-force energy, combine together to return the body to its entirety.  When there’s stress or pain, the mind, body, and spirit are at dis-ease.  Reiki restores balance—ease.  When Reiki is administered early on, the response is greater.

I recently treated some cats at a fund-raising event.  One of the cats had recent pelvic surgery for a fracture.  I was so pleased when later one of the attendees told me:  “What a relieved expression on that cat’s face as you treated her.  We watched her face soften as your hands went over her body.”

I feel so very much gratitude that my helping hands can help others.  And they help me.

“Carole Wilbourn offers dual-species ‘family therapy”, says National Geographic. “If the cat’s guardian is upset, quite often the cat will mirror the guardian’s angst or confusion. So in my work to treat the ‘total cat’, it is essential for me to form a balanced rapport with both cat and guardian. As the blocks are removed, a cat feels better and the guardian does too. I always say a cat’s actions reflect a cat’s feelings.”